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Family Snapshots

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Hi All...

Now that I've discovered a free way to post attachments while PTU is being repaired...

A very close friend of mine sadly just had a relative pass away. And while going through her effects-- he came across these two snapshots. Knowing of my World's Fair obsession, he kindly gave them to me. And when I told him all about PTU... he also generously consented to my sharing them here for your perusal and interest.

I tried to clean them up slightly (both Kodacolor prints had faded quite a bit)-- but otherwise, all I can tell you is that they're each dated "Sept. 65" on the reverse.

They seem to be taken at fairly common vantage points-- but knowing you guys, you'll no doubt pick up on any number of other details my 39'er eye will completely miss.



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Maybe the only unusual thing I notice, is in the first picture the uniform the guy is wearing. It appears to have embroidered lettering or script writing on the back, kind of like a bowling shirt. But since the trousers are a color match, I doubt it's a bowling shirt. It's probably the name of the guy's employer. Which means more than likely he's not there on a casual visit- he's there on business.

So what would the business be?


Varmints 'R Dust Pest Exterminators?

He's got the white socks, so he's lookin' cool (for the mid-60's). I'll bet he's got his hair totally Vitalisized too.

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On 9/27/2006 at 8:18 PM, Ray in Pasadena said:

ARTIST: Larry Lief


TITLE: "Remnants of Dempsey Dumpster with Contents"



Ha ha!  I saw this 13 years too late.





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