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Randy Treadway

Leonidoff's Wonder World

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Yes, that was the Summer Time Review starring Clay Cole ( a local NYC deejay), but according to Hoodlock that show was only open for a week or two before it was shut down in July. And then it sat empty the rest of the year.

The best picture of it is a photo from the last week of July '64 that you posted on PTU about May 1, 2006, or shortly before that. I have a copy that was downsized for PTU.

And the full-size version is in your Set 190, Picture #037.

Not only does it show the ad banners they strung up in front of the Aquacade (without bothering to take down the Wonder World sign) and the Clay Cole decorations on the ticket kiosks, but it also shows a Jello ad tryptich on Arch #11 that I hadn't seen before.

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Here is a link to the Clay Cole show. I haven't had time to look at it yet, but maybe there is a World's Fair mention somewhere in it. Didn't The Moses shut that show down personally? JS


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Couldn't find any World's Fair reference, but they have a Yahoo group so I posted a question there to see if anybody has anything to share about it.

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In order to restore photo links within new board restrictions, moved Act III to bottom of this topic.

Act III - Outer Space

The turntable has rotated, revealing that that pointy-shaped top is....a rocket!

The program says this is supposed to be Cape Kennedy, which was only renamed Cape Kennedy (formerly Cape Canaveral) just before the World's Fair opened. (guess they had to get all the programs reprinted!). In 2006 Camelot has worn off, so it's Cape Canaveral again.

Lots of people in hard hats, and a lady looking like the quintessential opera Fat Lady has rode on stage in a white convertible. A whole fleet of identical cars to this one arrive later. They look kind of like Studebaker Hawks. [There's a trivia question to stump your friends- was Studebaker at the 1964 World's Fair?]

It's hard to see in this daytime picture, but the rotating panels on the left and right, and the panels behind the rocket, are all studded with light bulbs, which are on in these pictures, just hard to see.


...and here we have....


closeup:.......the dancing Russians, Geisha women, and soldiers, all doing the macarena.

Mine is not to explain.

I'm going to call the woman in the middle, in the silver space suit, Rocket Woman. She seems to have a later connection with Rocket Man.



[you can see the light bulbs a little better in this photo]


closeup: the orchestra accompanies the blastoff, while motorcycle riders wait on the left....


closeup: .........and the right....


closeup: nice view of the Sinclair "gas station of the future" and the '39 Boathouse, if anybody is getting bored....


Time for the entry of.....drumroll please....Rocket Man! [cue the Elton John music]


closeup: the orchestra plugs their ears....

[i guess they don't care for Elton John]


closeup: ......while the NASA engineers dance a jig. Pencil-necked geeks don't dance you say? Well they did in Wonder World! :D


For the Grand Finale, the inner turntable-inside-a-turntable turns, revealing the Unisphere. The side panels also rotate, revealing an artist's conception of the Fairgrounds. I see the NYS towers!

Here come all the white Studebaker (?) convertibles


That's it folks! Hope you enjoyed the Show! If you come back in the evening, you will see scenes like this:

Act I


┬ęBill Cotter, Set 74, Picture #009

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Update: the link to the Rocket Man video has changed, but I WAS able to track it down-

here's the new url:


Looking at this again, I really like this video. It gives the feel of what flying as the 'rocket man' must have been like.

The early versions on a platform instead of a backpack remind me of a Segway that can fly. Hear that Ray? :D

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The early versions on a platform instead of a backpack remind me of a Segway that can fly. Hear that Ray?


I hear you Randy. But while Bell backpack production is ZERO, Segway in New Hampshire is at capacity, shipping 720 per month. Bell's product was a one time show biz attraction while Segway has flourished in many markets, worlwide.

Plus, when riding my Segway, I don't need earplugs!

Ray. D.




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