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Flushing Meadows catches the Spirit of '76!

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I found the most interesting bound volume at work yesterday... a complete set of commemorative reprints of The Bicentennial Times. According to the preface, " The Bicentennial Times was the official national publication of the American Revolution Bicentennial Administration (ARBA).... " With a peak circulation of 400,000, "The Bicentennial Times was designed primarily to disseminate infomation on Bicentennial activities at local, state, regional, national and international levels." It was published monthly from Jan. '74 through Dec. '76. While leafing through it, I found many great articles about Expo '74, including construction updates to Nixon at opening day, to special events at the fair. (If anyone is interested in Expo '74, let me know and I can make some scans). There was also one blurb about festivities at FMCP, and this article about the relocation of the Spanish Pavilion to St. Louis.

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