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Grateful Dead

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It was 32 years ago this past week that the Grateful Dead played the NYS Pavilion at FMCP.July 11 and July 12 1969.

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Found this somewhere out on the web, no mention of 7/12:

Grateful Dead

VENUE NY State Pavilion, Flushing Meadow Park, Queens CITY New York STATE NY

DATE 07/11/69

SET1 [1:40:42 +] [1:50] ;

[The Story Of A Brick 2:45] ; [0:11] ;

Dupree's Diamond Blues [4:08]

Dire Wolf [3:13]; [2:01] ;

Hard To Handle [4:04] ; [0:54] ;

Silver Threads And Golden Needles [3:19] ; [1:57] ;

Casey Jones [6:06] ; [0:07] ;

Sittin On Top Of The World [3:25]

Big Boss Man [5:25] ; [1:27] ;

Mama Tried [2:50] ; [1:16] ;

High Time [2:20#] %

drums [0:05]

Alligator [3:36]

drums [5:46]

drummers' chant [0:30]

drums [0:10]

jam [7:42]

Bid You Goodnight jam [1:10]

jam [5:50]

The Other One [8:21]

Death Don't Have No Mercy [11:19]

Lovelight [9:00#]

SET2 SET3 ENCORE COMMENTS The soundboard cassette tape in circulation is rather degraded. It breaks off during High Time at the end of Side A; Side B cuts in during the drums after Alligator and breaks off during Lovelight. The audience tape in circulation runs from Alligator into The Other One before breaking off. Some copies of the AUD run 30:46, breaking off 5:49 into The Other One; others break off 0:52 earlier. Probably more of this show exists on the AUD master, but only this portion seems to circulate. Timings given here represent a composite of the SBD and AUD.

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I came across this person who has a bootleg CD of the concert one of the nights. It mentions where it was recorded. Considering the group liked psychedelic art and designs I'm suprised they did not use some sort of groovy pic of NYS.

<a href="http://www.gdcdcovers.com/66_69gallery.html" target="_blank">http://www.gdcdcovers.com/66_69gallery.html</a>

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Here is another mention of the pavilion from the concert days.


David- The Stooges played with the MC5 at the old NY State Pavilion at the 1964 Worlds's Fair site in the summer of '69.The line-up was David Peel,then the Stooges, followed by the MC5.I was at the show and was blown away by the Stooges.We were right in front, sitting on the floor(the venue had no seats).I remember David Peel having a bunch of kids on stage with the band singing "Up Against The Wall MotherF%$#&%..."Iggy was diving into the audience all night and trying to stab himself with a broken drumstick,which struck us as totally bizarre!!The MC5 were loud,obnoxious, and rockin' unlike most of the music of the period that we liked.After attending tons of shows by S.F. bands, this concert was a breath of something new.


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This week's radio program (October 24, 2016) of the Grateful Dead Hour includes the 1969 concert at the NY State Pavillion. Here's the link:



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