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Chief Charles White Eagle

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I've been long wondering about the "lost" American Indian Exposition.

I've been long searching for any clue as to the why's it did not materialize and the hopes behind it.

I know that the "Arrow" of Arrow incorporated (the sponsor of the exposition) stands for Americans for Restitutions and Rightings of old Wrongs. It is/was an organization who's goals are to raise the standards of living for native people. It still has offices in Washington, D.C.

I, unfortunately, can find no contact information for this group.

As I search for more knowledge about this exposition; I wonder also about the man who was listed as Exhibit sponsor's chairman.

I know of several men with the name Chief Charles White Eagle. One of them was an actor in several westerns of the forties and fifties.

Does anyone know if the Chief Charles White Eagle of films, was the same Chief Charles White Eagle who was chairman of the "lost" Exposition?

Thank you.

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