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Ray in Pasadena


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The 1984 visitor's guide to the World Trade Center can now be seen at the link below.

I visited the observation deck just once with my son in July of 1984.

I am posting this twenty-one years later because the irony of the headline on the face page of the brochure is overwhelming.

Ray Dashner

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I remember that brochure now. My last visit to the WTC was around 1983 and despite the fact that I've pretty much been home-base in the NY area ever since I took the WTC for granted too much to ever go up again.

History Channel had just finished a program on the WTC and its operations before 9/11 and one of their officials, who lost his life on 9/11, is seen commenting on the building's ability to withstand being hit by a plane.

Thanks for scanning that Ray, and yes, it is eerie to see now.

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