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Randy Treadway

Mexico Pavilion

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Did Mexico have a pavilion at the '39-40 NYWF?

No separate pavilion, it was inside the Hall of Nations, location 22.

From the pre-fair 1939 guidebook, page 138:

Located on Presidential Row south, the Exhibit contains displays of historical relics reminiscent of the glorius past civilizations of Mexico. Collections of esquisite carvings and decorated ornaments, produce by local artisans, show the type of handicraft for which Mexico has long been famous. Exhibits emphasizing present day acheivements include photographs of improved irrigation lands and up-to-date schools. Recent social and industrial reforms are depicted by means of drawings and charts. Displays of industrial products, Mexican glassware, pottery, silver and fabrics are also presented. The aim of the entire Exhibit is to give Fair visitors a clearer and more sympathetic understanding of the Mexican people.

From 1940 guidebook, page 87:

Mexico's Exhibit in the Hall of Nations is rich in the archeological lore of her past civilizations. There is an exact replica of the famed Aztec Calendar unearthed in 1790-a gigantic sculptured porphyry wheel twelve feet in diameter, weighing 20 tons. Prehistoric and historic periods up to the time of the Spanish conquest in 1521 are covered by sculptures, vases, masks and figures. Some of these have been found only recently; for instance, the Zapotec urns and the Monte Alban Tomb with paintings are exhibited outside of Mexico for the first time.

To be seen also are the acheivements of modern Mexico: Photographs of improved irrigation lands, charts of recent social and industrial reforms, educational exhibits, and an extensive display of the native handicraft for which Mexico has long been famous, glassware, pottery, silver and fabrics. (Architect: Justius Fernandez).

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The reason I ask is this eBay item of bird pictures:



I was skeptical (but not really knowledgable) about whether Mexico was even AT the '39-40 Fair (in which case these birds would be from '64-65).

I can't quite make it out in the photo- but it's possible that the years -1939-1940- might be on the front of each of the two cards, toward the bottom.

And if that's the case, it's also likely that the handwritten note on the back 'from the Mexican Pavilion' wouldn't be exactly accurate if it's indeed from 39-40- it would be more like the Mexican Exhibit inside the Hall of Nations (a smorgasbord of countries who couldn't afford their own Pavilions).

I'm just cruisin' for misidentified '64-65 landfill.

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