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AMF Monorail

Seeking AMF Monorail Photos...

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...When Shea opened the ticket booths had those pneumatic tube systems. I wonder if they ucovered them when they dismanteled the booths.

FYI - Here's a photo of the Shea Stadium pneumatic tubes from the April 1964 issue of Popular Science...


Getting back to the topic of department store monorails - I recall riding in the Meier & Frank's Santaland monorail in Portland, OR once or twice as a child. As Randy L. stated, it's no longer operational - but I'll try to get a photo of the static display next Holiday season...

Best Regards,


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Great stuff everyone! I have an urge to ride a monorail. Are there any outside of Disney that one can take a spin on?

Some recommendations Mary Ellen, just to name a few. I don't count the "elevated 2-rail guideways" in some US cities.

See The Monorail Society for a full list worldwide.

USA (these are true single beam monorails)


- Las Vegas, NV (recycled former Disney monorails traversing the famous strip)


- Seattle, WA (be sure and sit in Elvis' seat made famous in "It Happened at the World's Fair." A couple of great tie-ins here. The 1962 fairgrounds are the northern terminus, and the renowned Albert Fischer from PTU and the 1964 NYWF took part in the production of the film.


- Walt Disney World (THE monorail capitol of the USA. The portion from the Magic Kingdom to EPCoT is the best)


Japan (monorail capitol of the world, lots more than the three listed below, though these are the ones not to miss)


- Shonan (south of Toyko, a beautiful 20 kilometer suspended monorail single-track ride with dual-track stations that glides through two tunnels on the way to the Pacific ocean. A licensee of SAFEGE, the French company which licensed AMF the rights in the USA for the 1964 NYWF monorail.) Here the train emerges from one of the tunnels.


- Tokyo (to the old Haneda airport, a ride that drops down under the bay into tunnels twice to allow ships to pass overhead. This monorail is based on the ALWEG/Disney/Seattle above-beam method)


- Chiba City (north of Tokyo, 40 kilometers of dual-beam track, another SAFEGE suspended monorail. As you are below the track, you can experience a flying sensation as you glide over streets and houses)




Wueppertal (the original suspended monorail in operation since the beginning of the 1900's. A fantastic ride down the Wuppertal valley with most of the trackage suspended over the river winding through the city)


If you can't manage to travel outside the USA at present, Kim Pedersen has some nice videos he made which are available at the Monorail Society web site.

Have fun!

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...From my research I found that quite a few of these "Loudon Supertrack Monorails"

...Jean Sheperd relates his ride in his collection of short stories "In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash."...



Does anyone knwo which store monorail inspired him? Was there one in Chicago or NW Indiana? I haven't read the book, and haven't been able to find a reference to one on the web.

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Could have been anywhere, Wayne. The stories in IGWT were generally composites of Shepard's life experiences.

And written in the early sixties after he was well into adulthood.

Then again, if there wasn't one of those monorails in a Chicago store, there should have been!

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