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Joe L

Bike ride and NYSP visit today

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So that you understand further:

The "brick pattern"  in cause by aluminum inserts--not bricks which were glued into place.  Two fiberglass sheets are sandwiched between the inserts, forming a panel about six inches thick.  On the tower panels, both fiberglass sheets are white verses the lower panel on the crown panels being colored (blue, red, orange, etc.).

Now, the reinforcement part that I previously touched base on was concerning the cables that support the roof and not the design of the panel; they (the cables) are flexible and "give" under high winds which caused these panels to move way too much, making them fly off!

Here is my photo back in 1970 showing the basics (look at the 4th picture in color with me on the roof):


Understand now?


Oh OK , I was talking about the white brick pattern "TOWER" panels (not the (blue, red, orange, etc. tent roof panels)

.......The ones I found

These: http://www.geocities.com/c318137/Wind3.jpg

Sorry fo the confusion Charlie, and thanks again !


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