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Your perfect day in FMCP

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In April of 1941, the British Government honored the fallen NYC detectives, Socha, Lynch and the police officers injured in the blast. The widows received silver plates and the wounded officers, medals of the order of the British Empire. Other police officers involved received cigarette cases.

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My favorite and only day at the fair since 1964 was fall, 2003, It was

like going back in a time machine to see the Unisphere was still there

and I had no idea if the towers were still there. In fact, it was something

we did on the spur of the moment while visiting Manhatten and I wasn't

even sure I could remember where it was. I wish I had a map and could

have looked around more. But it still was magic. I don't remember if I

even knew of this board at the time, 2003 was a long time ago.

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