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Randy Treadway

Mystery Photo for Saturday

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Where was this gift shop?

Given the inlaid wooden boxes and the knives, if I had to hazard a guess I would say - - - Lebanon Pavilion.

Any other opinions or clues?


A higher resolution version (if you want to look over the landfill) is here:


This slide is date stamped Jun 64.


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It's taken a couple of years, but this evening I scanned a couple of unlabeled slides which together solved this mystery.

It's the Lebanon Pavilion.

A full view of the window is what nailed it.



It was either breezy in there or else a couple of the apparent women were actually aliens with kangaroo tails!



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Other than the gift shop, the only interior photo of the Lebanon Pavilion we've seen on PTU up until this point was a closeup of a lion head supplied by Mike Kraus.

Mike's Lebanese lion head


Tonight that changed- we now have a photo of the exhibit area.

The photos on the wall on the right say something about a "Baalbeck Festival", which I looked up on the web and found out that it's a famous arts festival in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon.


Above the mosaic on the left is a caption that says "Europe a Phoenician Girl gave the Continent its Name".

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