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AMF Monorail

AMF Monorail Research Project Web Site...

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The two mirrors of my AMF Monorail Research web site are alive and kicking. You may reach them at either of the two addresses below:

<a href="http://amfmonorail.expoarchive.com/" target="_blank">http://amfmonorail.expoarchive.com/</a>


<a href="http://www.geocities.com/amfmonorail/" target="_blank">http://www.geocities.com/amfmonorail/</a>

The sites are both identical concerning the AMF Monorail. The only difference is that on the Geocities site I have additional data on the SAFEGE monorail and Bertin Aerotrain, both in Saran, France.

I added a request for the AMF Monorail toy, sold during and after the fair, to the web sites in March. Last week I was rewarded with a response from the Marketing Manager, who was with AMF Wen-Mac during this period. He is putting together a list of answers to the many questions I posed.

Because this was a success, I have added a plea to anyone that worked or knew someone at St. Louis Car Company who may have knowledge or materials about the actual car constuction. Wish me luck.

Glad to see PTU is up and running again. Thanks Bill for your extermely hard work in restoring the community to us!


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