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Ray in Pasadena


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Hi Ray,

Many thanks for the Vault II CD which arrived today! I've only

started to scratch the surface of the wealth of material on here but

I can already tell that this is going to be an incredible experience!

My family lived in Whitestone, Queens at the time and made several

visits to the fair. I was 11/12 years old at the time and still have some

vivid memories of the fair - particularly the Ford exhibit, Vatican,

General Motors and Tower Of Light.

My memory is more fuzzy on many of the other exhibits. I was very saddened when the fair ended and never imagined I would be able to revisit the fair other than in my memories. Your wonderful CD is bringing it all back! Kudos to you for your astuteness all those many years ago to make all of these recordings.

Thanks again,



Dear Ray,

I received the Audio Archive CD-ROM of the 1964/65 World's Fair Item # 2241198266 yesterday, April 30. I was amazed that you sent it so quickly and was even more surprised at the incredible, professional, extraordinary work that was done on the CD. Since my children were born, I always had a wish that I could bring the 1964/65 World's Fair to them somehow. It seemed impossible to do, but this fair was the greatest thing I had ever seen and I had told them about it many times throughout their lives. Because of your work, you have made it possible to relive the fair.

Thank you,



This one is from a former DuPont Pavilion hostess who remembers The Fair via the NYWF Audio Archives. Her name is Carol and she now lives near Pasadena, CA.


I received your CD-Rom of the New York World's Fair and can't tell you how delighted I am with it. Yesterday, I decided to turn off the TV and get away from our nation's tragedy for a little while and work in my home office. I opened your CD-ROM and began to listen.

Of course, the first thing I played was the section on the Dupont Pavilion since that is where I had worked. I had no idea you had captured the whole two shows. Except for a few songs I have on record, I have not heard that show since 1965 - and never thought I would again. It brought tears to my eyes. And it was so good to hear voices from some of the actors who were my good friends in those days (I wonder what became of them). Gordon Ramsey, the narrator, was one of our best - I am glad you recorded him.

I was able to listen to most of the CD and really enjoyed hearing about events that happened at that time and the changes taking place in the 60's. It was especially moving to hear all that in light of what happened in New York last week (who could have ever known something that devastating would happen in New York).

I was about 21 when I worked at the Fair. Actually we started going out to the Dupont Pavilion a month or so before the Fair opened. I remember it being very rainy and tracking through all the mud. We were training, learning everything there was to know about the Dupont Company and their products. I worked both seasons until the very last day of the fair. We had a big party at our Pavilion called, "The Happening." I wrote and sang a song to "Moments To Remember," capturing moments from our shows and got a standing ovation.

I was devastated when the fair ended - it was such a part of my life and like one big party. I agree with the comments from one of your interviews. I hated the thought of them tearing it all down, I wanted all the buildings to remain.

There were a few things I remember that were not on your CD. One was the fireworks show each night at the fountain area across from our pavilion - they always played "Romeo & Juliet." Also there was a tram that carried a band around the Park - whenever they passed our Pavilion they played "Hello Dolly," because there were a lot of us young girls. And I remember going many nights to the nearby Spanish Pavilion, drinking Sangria and listening to their "La Tuna" group.

It was a very idealistic time for me and so wonderful to relive some of it through your CD.

Thanks again, so much, for making this available to us. If you ever need any more information or trivia to add to your collection, please let me know.

I have worked for Universal Studios Hollywood (the Theme Park) for over 12 years. When I first saw their Globe in Florida (we now have one too), I said that is a take off from the Unisphere. I now have a picture of both on my cube bulletin board. Until I tell them, everyone thinks they are the same. If they look closer they will see that the Unisphere is so much bigger.

Well, I have gone on and on, but wanted to thank you and share this with you.

Thanks for the memories!!!


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