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Ray in Pasadena

Larry Lief Honored in Pasadena

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Former NYWF Greyhound Glide-a-Ride driver Larry Lief visited Pasadena in June. Read all about this noteworthy gentleman's visit to our fair city.

<a href="http://www.arroyoseco.org/ABhonorary.htm" target="_blank">http://www.arroyoseco.org/ABhonorary.htm</a>

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Ha ha! Thanks, Ray!

I'm a handsome feller, huh? Yeah, I know, the picture on the lower left is my best profile.

I'll be in NY next week, by the way. Any Worlds Fair events on the calender?

I was in a restaurant yesterday and I overheard the men on the next table talking. One was a Greyhound driver and the other came over to his table because he recognized him from his days as a Greyhound driver.

I thought of going over and saying, "Say, fellers, I used to be a Greyhound bus driver too - at the Worlds Fair!" But then I figured they'd just give me that blank look and say, "Hey, get lost, kid? You weren't a *real* Greyhound bus driver!", like the real Greyhound bus drivers sometimes did when I tried to use my bus drivers "badge" (still got it) to glom free rides here and there (mostly it worked though, long as there was a spare seat...I wonder if I could still do it...)

Larry Lief, Honorary Arroyo Brigadeer

[This message has been edited by larry lief (edited 08-02-2002).]

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