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Another Photo Connection

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As you know, I inadvertently imaged Sunguar in the Space Park at the Fair. Now I find that a second slide has resulted in a surprise response. the image below is from those I took in the Pavilion of American Interiors. Specifically, it is what I believe was the entire display of the Cybis Porcelain Company of Trenton, New Jersey. The company is now defunct, but for decades produced high quality porcelain objects.

Cybis Original Photo.jpg

Recently I received an email from the owner of an internet archive of the company, not associated with Cybis but the product of the lady's decades-long love affair with its products. She checked out the Worlds Fair Community and chanced upon the above photo and discovered that Cybis displayed at the American Interiors pavilion. I've taken the liberty of including her email, which contains information that might be of interest to the members. Her immediate interest was in the crested crane sculpture, the first photo she had ever found.


Cybis, Elaine Email 3:25.png


I granted her request to reproduce the image. This is the item that now appears on her website.

Cybis Crested Crane 1.jpg


You might like to see the Archive at https://cybisarchive.com. It provides lots of information on this displayer at the Fair, with extensive history and many pictures of the elegant porcelain items. I'm delighted to report on another long-awaited contact with the past!


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That's marvelous, Ralph!

Your blanket photographic coverage has been a great plus to the WF community.

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It must be a wonderful feeling to know that a photo you took over 50 years ago is of special interest to a person in today's time.

And I also must credit the person who requested it (Elaine), who wrote you a e-mail to request to use it.  So unlike some, who today would just copy the image, and use it however they like without permission.


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