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Bill Cotter

The "other" First National City Bank

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I mentioned yesterday that I was fortunate to buy some slides that offered some views of things that don't show up in a lot of photos.
We've seen one of the First National City branches before, but not the other. From the Official Guide Book:
New York’s First National City Bank, which is the only bank with a branch at the Fair, has two buildings – one for visitors and one for the use of Fair exhibitors and employees. The Visitor’s Branch has a multilingual staff and specializes in foreign currency transactions. Beside the entrance to the glass-fronted building is a revolving geophysical globe nearly 20 feet in circumference; a 30-foot pylon flies the flags of the 35 nations where the bank has branches. The Service Branch expects to handle more than $500 million of regular banking transactions during the two years of the Fair.
There have been a number of shots of the Visitor's Branch up to now. Well, here for what I believe is the first time, we have a view of the Service Branch! Newly restored 35mm slide from June 1965.

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WAY up in the upper left corner of the Fair, near the Post Office and Atomedic Hospital. Definitely off the beaten track.

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