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Humble Oil Posters?

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28 minutes ago, icedstitch said:

Where would someone start figuring a cost on these?

I'd google the artist which I just did, start looking for similar records of sales of similar America themed works of the period - I see some. This appears a reproduction of a Gouache? Also I'd try to stick a date on it/them. From the glue marks suggested these are mounted - dimensions?

Maybe something like this: https://www.askart.com/artist/william_arthur_smith/25499/william_arthur_smith.aspx?stm\x3dwilliam\x2520arthur\x2520smith


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Poster paper?  Glued to a high quality cardboard.

My grandmother saved them and made them for me back in the early 80's when I was young and told me to hold on to them.

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