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The "Rocket Express" - reminiscent of the AMF Monorail....

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Photo number seven as you scroll down; I rode on that in-store monorail.  It must have been over sixty years ago now but it was a kid’s Christmas highlight.

That particular monorail, The Rocket Ship, was in the toy department of E. W. Edward’s department store in downtown Syracuse.  It was their flagship store and every kid in a radius of a hundred miles knew all about it.  It was a Christmas rite of passage and a really good marketing tactic.  One could see just about every toy in the place.  And it circled Santa on his throne in the middle of Toyland. I also remember that the Rocket Ship passed through a wall and into another section of Toyland.

Edward’s built a new downtown store and moved into it in 1984 and it did not have the monorail.  That downtown store only survived a few more years and closed. It’s suburban stores survived a few more years and were bought out by some uninspired mall chain of stores.  

For many aging Boomers who grew up in this part of the world, that photograph brings back happy memories.

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