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Three of The Four Elements 1940 35mm Kodachrome

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Hi All,

Another new view - three of The Four Elements by Carl Jennewein. 1940 35mm Kodachrome. Sixty-five feet each with golden plaques representative of the elements. This may be backwards (Cone Ed should be back there) - I have not decided. I  don't think so looking at the various buttons. 




PTU  elements1p40ekl.jpg

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Hi Magikbilly,

Do you know how to determine which is the emulsion side of Kodachrome? Once you know which side (emulsion or support) needs to be up for your scanner, you can determine the correct orientation without having any reference in the scene.

If you hold the slide so that a light reflects directly off the surface, you will see that the support side is smooth, while the emulsion side has a relief pattern that follows the light and dark areas of the image. You can try it with a couple of Kodachromes whose orientation you are sure of, and then this one.

Regards, and thanks again for your recent posts - they are gorgeous!


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