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New Mustang Museum with 64 World's Fair Mustang

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There's a new Mustang Owner's Museum in Concord, NC that has an original Mustang that was part of the Magic Skyway ride. They even have a mirror underneath it where you can see the marks from the hardware where the car was hooked up. Apparently after the fair Ford sold these to people as new Mustangs. Here are some photos from the exhibit that also includes information from the fair, and a book by Bill Cotter and Bill Young.

I'm working on a story about some of the World's Fair cars. Does anyone have information about the Magic Skyway Mustangs and what happened to them after the fair?

Mustang Museum 64 WF Mustang.jpg

Mustang Museum WF Model.jpg

Mustang Museum WF ephemera.jpg

Mustang Museum Bill Cotter.jpg

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