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Dave's story

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I lifted this from a community board. I thought it was charming.

I have many fun memories and a even few cherished memento's the 1964-65 W.F., including the "Official Guide", "Official Map" and "Official Full-Color Souvenir Picture Book" that somehow I've have managed to save all these years. Also, I still have the plastic scale model of the "Turbine Car" that I got at the Chrysler Pavilion in 1965 (remember the Giant Engine that you could walk underneath?).

I also fondly remember an important part of my education that came from the Fair. In the spring of '65, I was in first grade (P.S. 220), and my family lived in a high-rise apartment building right across the LIE from the GM pavilion. I could see the huge lighted digital GM clock from our living room window. By comparing that clock to the "regular" (analog?) clock on the wall at home, I actually learned how to tell time.

The only parts of the Fair I distinctly remember NOT liking were the giant "smoke rings" would be puffed out of the United Cigar pavilion, and the fireworks shows at night. Too loud and scary for me! I also was afraid to go near the "hades Drivers" show because it had "curse word" in its name. Also, one of my friends told me that sometimes the cars crashed into the crowd, people would get killed, (and of course, I believed him!)

Posted by dave in milwaukee on October 07, 2000 at 22:11:31

Unfortunately Dave did not post his email address, so we cant tempt his 'turbo' away from him.

Up date - I tracked down Dave; he will come to nywf65.com and check it out. The 1964 New York World's Fair is his favorite subject. He was glade to here that others share his interest as his wife thinks he's crazy.

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