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Bill Cotter

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I'm not quite sure where this was displayed. It could have been at Western Provinces, which had displays about Douglas Firs, or Atlantic Provinces, where a ship was being built - could it have been used for a mast? Sad that such a long-living tree was cut down. Taken June 12, 1967. Newly restored 35mm slide.



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I agree.  What a shame to cut a tree and display it in a form that amounts to a utility pole.  I don't believe this could happen today--at least without a great deal of blow back.

MacMilloan Bloedel was a Canadian lumber and paper company which frequently relied on clear cutting of pristine forests on the west coast.  The company finally met with serious resistance to such policies in 1993 when it was learned they planned to clear cut forests on Clayoquot Sound near Vancouver.  A blockade was created by environmentalists, land owners, indigenous people and others and MacMillan Bloedel put an end to clear cutting practices.

Might it have been displayed near the Pulp and Paper Pavilion?

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