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Mystery Building (?) --Another Look

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(I reactivated this thread in the Federal and State Area, as (technically) this is where the structure is located)

First brought to our attention in this view (from early 1964):

The structure in question is located in the upper center near the Press Building.


Here's a closer look:



I started to look through all the photos for a structure with a blue and white striped roof.

I found these:


Well that certainly isn't it.



And this is just a tent in the People to People garden.


This structure is interesting, but located in the Transportation Area near the Lowenbrau Gardens.








Notice the shape of the roof.


And this one in front of the T+T Pavilion seems to be some kind of gift shop.



Notice the shape of this roof.


But back to our mystery structure.

In this Press photo and the next, notice the shape of the roof:




It's definitely not flat.


And here is two of our blue striped roofed structures making a joint appearance:



But what makes this structure is true mystery is this photo:


Dated by Bill C. as October 1964. 


Our mystery structure is----gone.

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It's probably a temporary structure erected to accommodate all the press related activities surrounding the opening of the fair.

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In the original thread, this was thought to be a building.

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