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A Bike Ride Through An Empty Expo

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The October Crisis:  The Ghost of Expo 67 by Adam Gopnik

Mr. Gopnik's account of boyhood remembrances of moving to Montreal with his family and living in Habitat focuses on his exploration of a now empty Expo grounds in October 1970 after PM Trudeau declared martial law in response to violence and kidnapping and the rise of the separatist group, the FLQ.  It's a powerful essay contrasting the wonder and joy found on the Expo Islands and the terror and horror related to The October Crisis.

That's the copied and pasted URL address but I'm having trouble getting it to link to that essay.  Any suggestions as to how it can be fixed. 

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OK.  It's official; I'm losing my mind.  

For days I've posted this URL address but it would never once open for me.  I'll bet I tried ten different times'.  And I gave it a shot again tonight.

I'm stunned that it picked tonight to actually properly function.  But I'm glad that it does because the story is quite wonderful.

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