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Bill Cotter

A pleasant surprise!

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A nice surprise showed up in my mail recently - the book "Top Disney" by Christopher Lucas. I enjoy watching re-runs of "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson, and many times Johnny would read off a list of some sort from a magazine or newspaper, with Ed McMahon then remarking that it was amazing that the list had everything you could possibly know about that topic in it. Just Amazing! Of course Johnny would correct him, then read from a list of "extra items" written by the show's writers.

Well, this book has many, many lists Johnny would have just loved. The author has compiled his top entries for a very wide range of categories. My favorite one, which was a total surprise, is included here. I showed the book to a friend yesterday and once he stopped laughing at this one list he said he really enjoyed the book. Pick it up if you're a Disney fan!





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