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World`s Fair Quarterly Periodical

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Hello everyone,

                  I have been a collector of world`s fair items for fifty years. It is time for me to start down sizing my collection. I am starting with my collection of a periodical, which ended in 1995 called "World`s Fair Quarterly". As the title implies, these bulletins were printed four times a year, and covered world`s fairs past, present, and future. My collection spreads from 1981 thru 1995. I have 55 issues, all in pretty good condition. I also have issues of "Fair News", which was the bulletin for "The World`s Fair Collectors Society. I also have the bulletins from the "Monorail Society", and an issue of "Space Gram", the bulletin of a Seattle World`s Fair Club.

I am asking $65.00 for the entire collection of bulletins I have, this includes shipping.within the continental USA

If you are interested, feel free to e mail me ....tothefair@aol.com

world`s fair quaterly 053.JPG


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I'll help you get some free space. I probably have most of them but what the heck. Send me your address in a message and let me know if you want a check, PayPal, etc.

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