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Bill Cotter

Under a Brass Rail, looking up

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I wonder what precipitated the photographer to point his camera at the roof.  Glad he did though, it's a shot you don't see that often.  

With a limited number of Brass Rails at the Fair, this one seems to be located at E-5 on the Time-Life map.  I believe the slanted roof on the left is the Guinea Pavilion, and the window architecture behind the trees is from the Sudan Pavilion and the trees are located on United Nations South. 

Also, the Swiss Sky Riders narrowed it down. 




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21 hours ago, Bill Cotter said:

I was guessing D-4 between Ireland and Korea, with the building on the right the planned Argentina pavilion. Hmm.

Interesting.  But the shape and the size of the windows of the building in the background don't match the Argentina Pavilion (in fact, it looks like Mexico's).  If your placement is correct, the building on the left would have to be the smaller building attached to Republic of Korea Pavilion. 

Interestingly, you mentioned one of the few Pavilions that has three different names on three different Time-Life maps (quiz question?)

Where can one find a good 64-65 World's Fair detective when one needs one?

Randy?  Randy?  Anyone seen Randy?



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