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NYPD magazines ("Spring 3100")

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"Spring 3100" The Magazine for Policemen, published by the Police Department of the City of New York.

March 1964 has a photo and a few words about movement of the Santa Maria across Flushing, NY.

April 1964 has an editorial on the Fair, a four-page feature article, and a photo with a few words about the sales of discount tickets to the police.


NYPD MAR64.pdf

NYPD APR64.pdf

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1 hour ago, Bill Cotter said:

Thanks, Wayne. Any idea what the "3100" means?

I googled it - It is the last four digits of an old NYPD telephone number, SPring 7-3100 acoording to wikipedia:


I haven't looked further, but I woder if at the origin, in 1930, the Spring office may not have been incorporated into a 7-digit dial system, and actually was only Spring 3100. 

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