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I was just at the Reina Sophia Museum in Madrid. This is a model they have of the Spain Pavilion at the '37 Paris fair.  I got severely scolded by a security guard for taking the photo, as no pics allowed-period! But I think my ability to speak fairly fluent  Spanish and explain to her that I didn't know, that I was sorry, and that I was a WF fanatic and wanted my friends, who were also WF fans, to see it. But I would erase them if she wanted. So she loosened up and became smiley friendly and quite chatty (amazing for any Museum guard) and said that, no, I didn't have to erase the pictures! So here are the two I got , thanks to the nice museum guard!



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Great find.  

The words on the outside are a tribute to the Republican cause during the 1936-39 civil war.  The Republican government sponsored the pavilion which housed Picasso's painting, Guernica, a massive depiction of the April 26, 1937 aerial bombardment of the helpless city of Guernica.  Hitler lent his support to Francisco Franco and his far right wing Nationalists who won that civil war and who then established a fascist state.  Hitler's Luftwaffe bombed that city and it was a precursor to the incredible loss of civilian life in the Second World War.  Hitler and Franco were friendly although Spain remained neutral after 1939.  Franco did maintain a photo of Hitler on his desk until his own death in 1975.

 Picasso captured the agony of a helpless population in that painting.  

Picasso wouldn't allow the painting to return to Spain until Franco was gone (1975) and following a brief European tour, it was sent to the USA and eventually displayed at MoMA in New York until that time.

Alexander Calder also displayed his Mercury Fountain in the pavilion as his interpretation of the economic tragedy of the civil war.   That sculpture still exists and is on display in Barcelona at the Fundacio Miro.

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