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Randy Treadway

Old TVs

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Thanks, Randy.  I wonder if any of them are restored to working condition.

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2 hours ago, Bill Cotter said:

If they want to restore them I hope they have a big supply of capacitors available!

Exactly right. 

As a side note, capacitors are the components most likely to fail when these old sets are simply turned on after sixty years, and fortunately they can be replaced functionally by more reliable modern ones. Some restorers simply replace them, while others sometimes remove the guts from the existing capacitors and stuff new ones inside the cases of the old ones to preserve appearance. Either way, they must be replaced because of the high probability of a failed capacitor ruining some other type of unique and unobtainable part. If capacitors are simply replaced instead of restuffing, some types of old ones may be sold on ebay for high prices to guitar amp restorers, who prize the old used ones for the character they supposedly give to the sound (and are willing to risk future failures). The proceeds could be more than enough to pay for the new parts for the TV.

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