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The Look and Feel of nywf64.com

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I've been working over the past year or so to standardize the "look and feel" of nywf64.com ... 


Every page has a navigation banner near the top with topics that have drop-down menus behind them directing you to the various features found on the website (for example:  "Attractions", "Maps", "Artifacts", etc.)

Each page now has a secondary banner giving a brief description of what you are looking at (for example:  "1964 & 1965 Official Guidebook & Souvenir Map Entries")




The secondary banner is  headed by a Table of Contents button.  Clock-on the Table of Contents button to get a drop-down menu of the various pages that can be found within that topic (see below).



For Attractions (such as IBM, Eastman Kodak, Republic of China, etc.) the first few pages have been standardized whenever possible.  The first page will always contain the 1964 & 1965 Guidebook entries along with a link to a map showing you the location of the attraction.  The next page contains the page from the World's Fair Information Manual for the exhibit or attraction (presented courtesy of the Gary Holmes collection).  The World's Fair Information Manual was the book that the guides in the information booths used to reference for visitors what was contained in each attraction.  The next page features Postcards issued for that exhibit.  The following page features any advertisements that were done for the exhibit and the  page following that is a gallery of photographs and miscellaneous items.   Pages that follow those contain brochures, magazine articles, booklets, etc. in no particular order.  The website is always a "work in progress" so certainly not every artifact from the fair is online.  Maybe someday...

There's a lot of stuff at nywf64.com and because of that it's not always easy to find things there.  One always has to second-guess how the visitor navigates the site.  If you have any questions about site navigation or comments about the material or errors that you find, please contact me and let me know.

The Search Feature is not working at this time.  I hopefully will be able to get that back up and running sooner than later.

As always, thanks for your interest in my website.  I hope you find it entertaining and educational.


Bill Young -- Host, nywf64.com


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A million thanks for maintaining and constantly improving this great resource!  

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