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Another WF Flea Market Find

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I should  preface this by saying I'm not a big World's Fair collector.  Some people get pleasure out of collecting napkins, coasters, and paper bags, but as they say, "that's really not my bag".  And some can argue what was intended as disposable really isn't a collectable.  And I don't have room for a white trash bucket.

That being said I thought I'd head out to the Brimfield Flea Market (which is huge) today to see what the day would bring.  After poking around in the goods of the first ten or so vendors, something caught my eye.  Something large that had rings.  After moving a few boxes and things around to get a better view, I said to the vendor, "So, how much you want for the globe?"  (Notice I said globe)

"Twenty bucks, but I'll sell it for fifteen"

"Would you do ten?"

"I think it's from the World's Fair.  Twelve, and it's yours"

"Which World's Fair?", I asked, knowing exactly which one it was.

"I think it was 1964, twelve and it's yours"

"Okay, you have a deal"

And with that I brought home my latest coffee table or dining room table piece.


BTW, I should have posted before I left that anyone who has anything they wish to have me look for, let me know.  I saw a lot of '39 World's Fair stuff, and some Expo '67 stuff.  In fact, I offered a guy $5 for a Expo '67 keychain, but he wouldn't budge at $10.  If I got it for 5, I was going to post it here for whoever wanted it as long as they paid for shipping.  (I have no idea what shipping costs today)


So, any guesses what I brought home??




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We know it's a Unisphere...


Is this 20 Questions..?


1) Is it made of metal..?


2) Is it a bank..?


3) Is it a foot tall or taller..?


4) Is it marked appropriately (USS STEEL, etc)..?


5) Will you post a picture soon..?

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Correct, it is a Unisphere, and in the spirit of those great old shows--To Tell the Truth and What's My Line:

1) Yes

2) No

3) Yes

4) Not that I could find

5) Yes, I've just got to clean it up a bit


To be continued...……………..


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