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Bill Cotter

A different angle on General Motors

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Every time I pick up a new batch of photos from the Fair I hope there's some sort of unique view in there. As you can imagine many of the shots are seen over and over, such as views of the Unisphere from the New York State Pavilion towers. Every now and then, though, one does come along that I haven't seen before.

Here's a different view of the exhibits outside the General Motors building. We had seen the boat before in the Re-Opening Day parade but I can't recall any shots of it on display.

Having said that Randy Treadway will now promptly post 127 images of the said boat on display...


From Re-Opening Day:


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The road sign for I 495 is sort of interesting.  This is the LIE or Long Island Expressway.  From the BQE (I 278) interchange, the LIE is officially an unsigned highway.  It is NY 495 and not, technically, an interstate although the highway has all of the accoutrements of a typical interstate highway.  After connecting to NY 25 (Queens Boulevard) the LIE is the Horace Harding Expressway. NY 495 heads northeast  toward Corona and then intersects with the Van Wyck Expressway and the Grand Central Parkway.  It is when NY 495 passes through Flushing Meadow Park that it resumes its official role as an interstate--I 495.  I suspect the sign we see from the vantage point of the GM pavilion is just about where the LIE becomes a true interstate highway.

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