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The endless wonder that was Expo 67....

Oh, and right there in the right foreground is another nun.

PS:  I sometimes search for Expo 67 "news" and there often seems to be some current story with a connection to Expo.  I found one tonight entitled: "What A $1,000,000 Apartment Looks Like In Montreal's Habitat 67."  The apartment is presently available as a rental unit for pocket change--$4,500 per month.  The photographs of this apartment, however, make me think that quickly going bankrupt while living in such a spectacular location just might be a good trade off.  

Rather than try to correctly type a really lengthy web address as a link, just go to a search engine, type in the above title, click on news and there it is.  

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That photo provides us with the evidence of "temporary" structure:  Plywood construction on a concrete block base on an island in the St. Lawrence River where winter lasts six months and can be so brutal that Montreal built an entire underground city so its residents can avoid the climate.

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