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Commemorating the 125th anniversary of the Opening of the 1893 World's Fair

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Greetings, World's Fair enthusiasts.

On May 1, 1893, the Columbian Exposition opened its doors to the world in Chicago. We are counting down to the moment when President Grover Cleveland pressed the key to start the 1893 World's Fair in a series of stories about Opening Day at https://worldsfairchicago1893.com/home/blog-2/history/opening-day/.

Introduction: "Chicago's Day of Days"

Part 1: "Morning on the Fairgrounds" (post on April 22)

Part 2: "Presidential Procession to the Fairgrounds" (post on April 23)

Part 3: "A Sea of Humanity" (post on April 24)

Part 4: "Paine's Columbian March" [with a new recording!] (post on April 25)

Part 5: "Invocation by the Blind Chaplain" (post on April 26)

Part 6: "Reading of The Prophecy"  (post on April 27)

Part 7: "Wagner’s 'Rienzi' Overture”  (post on April 28)

Part 8: "The Address by Director-General Davis" (post on April 29)

Part 9: "The Address by President Grover Cleveland"  (post on April 30)

Part 10: "The Great Transformation Scene" (post on May 1)

Part 11: "Presidential Luncheon" (post on May 2)

Part 12: "Tour of the Fairgrounds" (post on May 3)

Part 13: "The Greatest Crowd" (post on May 4)

Addendum: "Fate of the Key" (post on May 5)



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