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don't remember where I found it, but apparently it's in the Bettman/Getty Archive.  Said to be Dr. Willis H. Carrier, who coined the phrase "Air Conditioning", holding a thermometer n the Carrier igloo at the World's Fair.

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This pavilion was a major achievement for Syracuse, my hometown.  Syracuse was the headquarters of Carrier Corporation which had relocated there from New Jersey in the mid-1930s.  It was the efforts of hundreds of Carrier employees in Syracuse which made this pavilion possible.

How ironic that a refrigerator company in the northern city of Syracuse would build a cooling device that would find massive market popularity in hot, humid Southern cities which had histories of stagnant population growth due to the unpleasant muggy climate and frequent outbreaks of malaria and yellow fever in hot summer months.  Syracuse's Carrier Corporation gave rise to a population shift and the creation of the Sun Belt.

Sadly, Carrier has downsized in the Syracuse metro area but legacies remain including a major traffic rotary near the NYS Thruway known as Carrier Circle and, of course, Carrier Dome, the nation's largest on-campus domed sports arena.

That's Willis Haviland Carrier, founder and president of the company which bears his name standing in the center of the photograph.

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