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Website on HemisFair '68

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Hello Everyone:

As we celebrate today's 50th anniversary of the opening day of HemisFair '68, I am also excited about celebrating the 7th anniversary of the launching of my website www.worldsfair68.info.

Exciting to take a step back for a moment and see what has grown from a basic idea of collecting a few items from HemisFair '68 and putting them on a shelf at home 12 years ago in 2006. Never would I have thought that in 2008 I would begin working on the idea for a small webpage which evolved into a large website launched in 2011 or that by 2018 I would have a collection of over 1,000+ items related to HemisFair '68 and be part of the 50th anniversary. I has definitely been a great adventure and can't wait to see where it leads to next.

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