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I do not know, but the image says so much about the 1940 installment of this fair. Theme Center nowhere in sight - just flags, George Washington, flag waving kids and military folks. Nothing to really talk about - not unlike the "don't talk about that war" etc of the 1940 Fair. It is so non-confrontational everyone is actually looking and/or walking away. It is interesting that the Gas Pylons are in the correct color, although I am "fairly" certain they could not be seen from this vantage.

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I have this same image as a post card.  It was created as a post card for an exhibit at the Smithsonian History and Technology Museum in 1982 or so.  It was based on a poster advertising the 1940 Fair.  I will scrutinize the cards I have but I'm fairly certain they do not contain the artist's name.  You're right.  It is purely based on the sanitized "For Peace and Freedom " theme.  Other than the US flag, the other banners are unidentifiable.  There was such a display of flags, but not in the size reflected here I don't believe.  I believe there is a brief scene of this flag display in the Jason Robards narrated film, "The World of Tomorrow."  I recall a Heinz Comet car driving past the bundled flag display in that film.

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