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Bill Cotter

"Freedom of Press"

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The Freedom sculptures- was there any logic in where they were placed in the Fairgrounds?  I see this one is in front of Belgium- but not getting any obvious  connection with that.

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With the Lagoon of Nations and then the Court of Peace on the other side, these remarkable sculptures must have taken on a most relevant aura by early autumn of 1939 as Europe dissolved into war.

I recall there was some criticism of Leo Friedlander's four sculptures and the first photo in this thread might clarify why.  More than one critic expressed some degree of dismay that the form of a nude woman holding a writing implement represented Freedom of The Press.  Freedom of Speech was represented by a nude male and can be seen in the second photograph, lower right.  Freedom of Assembly is in the upper left with Freedom of Religion in the upper right of the four sculptures.

That's quite a crowd in that second photograph.

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