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Hiya Folks! ;)

There are nights when I stay awake, especially when looking at old files, thinking of the slides, prints and candids and all of my favorite sculpture, The Astronomer by Carl Milles that I have sold. Did I...should I have kept that U&U 8x10 I never saw before, or since? That photo of it with the demolished Perisphere...? The other? That other one? 

But I always come back to this...and I saved this one...take in the dimensions and spatial arrangement. If the moon were in this...and it could have been. Good heavens. Literally. And the surfaces of the Perisphere looking so fine...

The people on the ...uh...Observation Bridge, tell us it is before 10 PM. Medium size, deckled edged original gelatin silver print. I don't recall 1939 or 1940. I think 1939. Color might well hurt this razor composition, but it would all be deep blue. 


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31 minutes ago, Jim said:

It's rather haunting.

A good observation. I guess it is. It is rather dead. It seems...aware it will not be there but for a moment and it's...what? Meticulous? Meaning and arrangement will be largely lost... today some might see it as...unrealistic or something - its whole placement with all the other large works in that finely integrated Theme area with the single voice, sotto voce?  (the Voice of The Perisphere!). I once called it all a campus of life. The direction he is looking (AWAY from Peripshere), what he is holding...

listetning to kraftewerk - ohm sweet ohm... 

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