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Bill Cotter

A busy day near the Telephone Pavilion

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I've seen several references to "Outsourcerer Mickey" in the mass layoffs following the completion of EPCOT Center.

There's much less of that now at the end of a major project, since WED (now WDI) is mostly a design firm.  Construction is handled by outside contractors, so no need for layoffs.  

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On 2/3/2018 at 10:36 PM, speedwell said:

I've read elsewhere that some of the footage from Canada 67 is used in the O! Canada film shown at Epcot now.

That is almost true .Many of we old timers    saw the EXPO 67 and the more recent Canada Circle Vision  movie here at EPCOT.hat all came to an end a few months back as Disney is about to release a new and 100% improved Canada 360 .
Take a look and compare !  


Needs a  little reminder? 


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