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Bill Cotter

I hope Santa brought you one of these!

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You can get film and get it developed (at least you could a couple of years ago).  I took a couple of rolls just for the heck of it; had problems because the tension wasn't good, and the film would creep between shots, giving overlapped or widely spaced negatives. 

The hardest thing to come by is the box without the lid being torn. The locking cardboard ears made it nearly impossible to open without tearing it. I have two, both torn. I have seen a mint condition one as part of the collection shown at the retrospective some years ago, but never have seen an intact one come up on ebay.

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My box is a bit tattered. As Wayne said, the design was a devil to get it opened without doing some damage.

This camera and the box were one of the first things I bought when I started collecting world's fair material, other than what I had gotten in person at fairs. Little did I realize then what that would blossom into!

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