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Bill Cotter

I thought the flags looked especially nice in this shot

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Expo had a number of flagpole forests.  This was just to the left of the main entrance of the US Pavilion, I believe.  There were flagpoles for all fifty states but, again, look at the crowd waiting to get into the pavilion.

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I know Bill can better answer this, but I wonder if the photograph was stamped June, 1967 thereby indicating when it was developed.  It might have been taken earlier than the stamped date.

Is it normally cold enough for heavy coats in June?  Generally it is not.  But in Upstate New York, about four hours south of Montreal, I've seen heavy snow on Memorial Day and  temperatures in the thirties in June although mainly at night.  This sort of thing is rare, of course.  Expo was vulnerable to wind blowing off the St. Lawrence so those cool temperatures would certainly be exacerbated by the winds.

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