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Randy Treadway

Swastika Badge

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Never seen one before.  It's disturbing and it's quite possible this has some connection to the German American Bund, a fascist organization, which had reached the height of its popularity in 1938.  The Bund was popular in the NYC metro area, New Jersey and on Long Island where they had established several Bund encampments.  

The Bund leaders were just the sort of fanatics who would have created a twisted link between The World of Tomorrow and Nazi philosophy.  They also had a clear pattern of showing up in places where they were not at all welcome. 

 Deutshe Tag is German Day.

Strangely, June 2, 1939 was the same day the St. Louis, a ship filled with German Jewish refugees already denied entry into the US, was forced to leave Havana after having been denied safe haven there.  The ship had no where to go and it and its cargo of helpless Jewish refugees returned to Germany where they were all arrested and then murdered by the SS.

No matter how you cut it, that's one unpleasant piece of memorabilia.

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Hmm. My memory is not what it was....but when walking into the Adria, there was a table quite nearby, not Ken, and there were thses buttons every year, in two sizes no less, great condition too, "Bund Buttons", $200-$400. So very "rare"...every year, never saw one sell.

I believe I have written about thses here - I will look. There might have been a photo too. There may have been originals, but that is not what was at the Adria as far as I am concerned, and in two sizes. Like the enamel kitchen tables and chairs - a dealer was taking order - color etc - come on. I mentioned those in the same posy but I can't find it.

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