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Bill Cotter

I bet a day at the Fair cost this family a fortune

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Bill, a number of them seem to be wearing some kind of special yellow badge.  Are you able to make out what that is?


I'm thinking maybe this was a famous basketball player, and the kids are tagging along a sports celebrity.  (and that got the attention of whoever had the camera too).

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He's carrying a reddish object in each hand. Wonder what those might be. Must be important, because his camera is hanging unused from his shoulder. The group looks like the Brady Bunch Marching Society!

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Another May 1965 6'2" possibility named Joe.  Joe Namath, who had just signed with the Jets to play next door in Shea Stadium.  He had more time off in the month of May than did Joe Pepitone.  In this photo on his signing day in January '65, I'm not sure about his hairstyle in the front, compared to the World's Fair photo.  Pepitone's hairline is a better match.



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Holy kismet Batman!

Lived at 64th and First Ave in NYC then. Legendary Swinging Singles Strip of bars. Used to hear Bridge Over River Kwai novelty car horn Friday nights.

Thirty years later I read Pepitone’s autobiography. He used to cruise Maxwell’s Plum bar on that corner blowing his River Kwai car horn! It was him I heard!

And here at Miami’s Christmas Parade on Sunday, one of the Shriner vehicles had that same novelty horn!

Haven’t thought about that horn in ages and here I hear it blasted twice in two days. 

Peppitone would more likely be chasing girls but that could be him before he could sneak away. 

Is that a first baseman’s glove in right hand? It is correct side. 


PS As The Scooter would say, Holy Cow!...


Check out the caustic comment from Diane Pepitone.

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