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Viva Las Vegas

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To paraphrase Lloyd Bridges in Airplane!, I picked the wrong time to evacuate Miami's hurricane and visit Vegas. 

Was lying in bed at 9:30, after leaving a great dinner at the Venetian, like a good PTUer, at the Tropicana Blvd Motel 6 when I heard jackhammer sounds. They do a lot of night roadwork here. Guessed I'll be up all night. 

Then i heard a siren, and another until they were constant. I peek out the window and see people running down Tropicana Blvd. Got dressed and wandered to street. 

The scene was like Wall Street on 9-11 but instead of white dust people wore cowboy boots and hats as they fled. Mini panics and stampedes ensued at rumors. People ran past me asking, "Why are we running?" and kept running; overheard snippets of drama and tragedy, real, imagined and perceived.

Latest local CBS News at 0119 Monday says 2 dead, 24 injured. That is real and it is dozens of tragedies.

PS Watching the first Sheriff's briefing. He says over 20 dead. Looks like the rumors were correct and the TV news was wrong. 

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Another terrible day for this nation.  I am glad you are safe xl5er!  I have a former student visiting Las Vegas this week as well.  He is OK, thank god.

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