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Bill Cotter

A pleasant looking day in August 1967

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The Belgium pavilion with Netherlands peeking out from behind. One guy is looking up at something but everyone else seems to be ignoring whatever was up there.


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Well, there are several other considerations.  There were many more nuns in the 1960s especially in the very populous New York Metro area and in heavily Roman Catholic Montreal.  Many of the nuns were younger--far younger than the average age in a typical convent today.  Finally, nuns were far more distinctive in the habits unique to their respective orders than they are today.  Today, most would blend right in with the crowd around them.

Note:  In the film, Meet Me In St. Louis, there is a final scene which takes place at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition.  As the family gathers and discusses dinner plans and the electric lights on the pavilions begin to come to life, a large crowd gathers to observe the spectacle.  In that crowd are two nuns who are wearing a habit similar to the Catholic Daughters of Charity.  It is an order with its origins in Poland and the stiff veil, known as a cornette, were once a bit like the one one worn by the Flying Nun, Sister Bertrille, although not quite as aerodynamically designed. Nuns enjoy world's fairs as much as anyone else, I would guess.

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