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One of the most eye-catching pavilions, even on a rainy day.




Such striking and complex beauty!












King Rama IX (Bhumibol Adulyadej) and his Queen (Sirikit). He would become the world's longest-serving head of state, at over 70 years. At the time of their meeting, she was training to be a concert pianist. 




The interior was beautifully curtained.




A pageant of beauty and fierceness.












This charming young lady has suffered a bit of damage to her necklace and toes.




This diorama suggests to me a herioc defense by the elephant driver against formidable odds, even though his commander is now missing from the chair. 






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And from there it went to Expo 67....

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As ever, awesome pictures.

Ralph: I missed your background story (if you ever introduced yourself before posting these series of amazing photographs).... How did it come to pass that you were able to take such great shots?  Both technically (what equipment did you use?) and artistically (how did you get to some of those really out-of-the-way places?)

Thanks for all that you've posted; I've seen things that I haven't seen in 50+ years and it is a great visit to my youth.

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George, I guess I got good shoots because there were so many good subjects to choose from. I used Ektachrome 120 slide film cropped to superslide size and hand-mounted onto plastic frames. My camera was a twin-lens reflex, which, unfortunately, didn't have telephoto or wide angle accessories. I tended to "push the envelope" a little, which got me some privileged shots of the Bell System, Travelers Insurance, etc. But mostly it was patience, and the powerful impression that the fair made on me. It is wonderful that these slides have finally found a home among those of you who really appreciate them. I think that providing a nostalgic return to almost-forgotten memories is one of the best gifts I can offer, and, believe me, the pleasure is as much mine as yours! The responses of the Community to these long-ago efforts have added a whole new dimension to my later years, for which I thank you all. I couldn't think of a happier occasion than to meet all of you personally and share memories of this great Fair!

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