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Republic of China (Taiwan)

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The pavilion is a reproduction of a typical imperial palace, the first of its kind erected in the Western Hemisphere.








The number of little objects at the corners of each roof indicate the relative importance of the building.




















A modeled scene from traditional Chinese Opera. Apparently our hero seeks the hand of the fair lady while her parents, little sister (or servant), local warlord and troops look on with interest. The smiles on the parents' faces suggest their approval.




The museum section of the pavilion, showing artifacts such as a bronze pot, a bell, ancient coins, typically marvelous silk needlework, and that interesting stone sculpture (see next slide).





The most precious item in the museum was this little guy, part tiger and part (more-or-less) human. It is 15 inches tall and over 3000 years old, from the Yin Dynasty. Apparently, this photo is of a nearby printed poster advertising the tatooed creature, who sports a few broken teeth.   






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The image in a postcard is very likely, Randy. I think what I photographed was a blow-up poster of the same image, since I didn't have an appropriate lens for close-up work. 

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