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Water Ski Show #2: Ramping up the action.

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This installment ups the difficulty a bit, calling for an extra level of skill



One ski. . .reverse position. . .her foot on the handle bar. Nice!




Not enough room on the water? Or maybe he's a girl magnet.




Ballet school is down the street, folks! Or perhaps its Bat Girl and her cousin. The Red the Clown (my name for him) is taking it all in sitting on the ski ramp.




Good for the abs, I suppose.




First guy over the ramp. Looks like house slippers instead of water skis! The small white blob in the lake is a land/water vehicle called an Amphicar (short for amphibious car), one of the Lake Area attractions.




Maybe he chickened out and avoided the ramp.  Slightly better view of the Amphicar.




Nice way to meet a girl.  The Amphicar circles the boat on the way back to the shore.




Love is where you find it. "Ski for two, and two for ski."  That's a Lake Cruise boat in the distance (another attraction).




The guy in the middle swooped in between the two ramp skiers. Red the Clown gets off the ramp just in time.




Get in your own lane!




The seem to have lost their directions. Or maybe its a nautical version of The Twist. Our clown is back with the rest of the team, awaiting his turn.



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How to identify your water ski show photos.  I have several hundred slides and have identified almost all them using this program guide.



The 'Flag Salute' (#5 in the program) is easy to id- they carry flags of many nations while being pulled behind the boats.

Your last photo is the 'Helicopter Spin'- #16 in the program.

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Thanks for the info, Randy. Now I know that "Red" is really Ojay the Clown. I was so busy with my camera that I usually overlooked any programs or other handout materials.

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Ojay = derived from O.J. = Orange Juice

Program #7  Ojay takes a "horrible spill" over the jump as the crowd gasps...



Program #17- Ojay proves that he is really one of the best water skiers in the bunch....



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Your assignment is to determine what month in 1965 they switched from white bumper tires to 'Life Saver' colors.  Or vice-versa.  Keep in mind that although this was close to the location of the 1939 Life Saver tower, they were already sponsoring a 64-65 Life Save tower in the Better Living Center, so I doubt they took over the bumper tire colors.

You could check any dates on your Ski Show pictures in sets 168, 184, and 197.   I do have some myself that are dated Sept and Oct 65, and the tires look like sparkling white Dunkin' Donuts (as they appear in Ralph's pictures).


In one of Ralph's pictures, it looks like they whitewashed over the fruit colors.




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